Silent patch

These games are surely great, nonetheless they have some issues. This little modification attempts to fix some of them. Silent Patch is an unofficial patch that fixes all the remaining issues with this game whilst bringing back features that were .

GTA III, VC SA10 messagesmai 2016Autres résultats sur gtaforums. Baixar o Silent Patch, o melhor mod fix para GTA do mundo. Turns out there is a mod to fix these textures) I am getting this weird rendring bug with the Maverick Helicopter.

A quick demonstration on the silent patch for GTA SA. A fix for the latest GTA: San Andreas update. Recently reinstalled gta sa to play sp and added to it the silent patch. Single player works fine for the time being so I decided to try samp for . So as some of you may know, the steam version of the game is far from being the best, many people (including me) have been encountering . Pendant les Campagnes, les messages radio .