Potato washer fs15

I have a question about your potato wash plant. I can’t put any fuel in it … do you need a special trailer ? The potato washing and steaming plant can be tricky to fill with fuel and water.

Placeable potato washer mod made by farmer_andy for Farming Simulator 2015. Placeable potato washer mod that can be placed wherever . Star Stars Stars Stars Stars (No Ratings Yet).

Have you tried transporting your washed potatoes to wool sell point? MBDownload Potato washer placeable FS2015. AUGER TOOL FSLEMKEN HELIODOR 84SET VTrailer . The same problem occours when I try to fill up the washer with water.

For the potato washer the default trailers of FS don’t work. Ive been trying to add a conveyor to the potato steamer and just cant get to work. I watched a clip on you tube with a potato washer,it mentioned water and diesel was needed for it to work. Any idea why I cant offload compost from the conveyor at the potato washer ? It collects it but wont offloa I could with no problem in the other .

Here you have a great opportunity to download a FSImplements Tools mod to upgrade your game. Hi thanks for posting this Video, Very Helpful, Can You Tell Me Where The Compost Soil is Stored on the map, From The Potato washer? Watch FsMod Showcase #Potato Washer Hd video, Download the latest game FsMod Showcase #Potato Washer Androi iOS, Mac on . The South Farms yard is reconfigured and a potato waher and steamer havebeen added here alongwith compost store and steamed potato . Farming Simulator Mods, a placable potato washer #FS#FS20#watchmakerGen – caravera76+. Baldeykino Farming Simulator Messing with the potato washer. Placeable potato washer fsmods Placeable potato washer fsmods, placeable potato washer mod farmer andy farming placeable milk collector tags posted . Play and Listen potato washer marhu net phpbbviewtopic phpf 140andt 26buy the game here store . In this video I will show you how to add the potato washer to your map, you can use this same concept with just about any mod you want to add.

New Storage at the salad factory for potato, steamed potato, compost. It is a file use to change content farm simulator 20game and Mod fs will help your a game exacting more. This is because, to increase compatibility with various Mods); Missions; Gold coins; buyable Objects; MixFeeder; potato washer; MilkMax; Greenhouse ith .