Fordson super major 1964

Ford and Fordson tractors at the Fife Agricultural Vintage Tractor and Machinery. Bonjour à tous, j’ai récemment fait l’acquisition du tout premier tracteur de mon grand-père: un Fordson Supermajor 1964. Bonjour je viens d’acheter un fordson super major de 19et je regarde partout sur internet pour avoir plus d’info sur se tracteur.

The Fordson Super Major was sold as the Ford 50in the United States. The New Fordson Major E1A was introduced at the 19Smithfield Show, while. Fordson Super Major E1A Tractor 196 Fordson Super Dexta Roadless 4×4 . The Fordson Super Major and its many cousins are part of the E1A line and were built at Ford’s plant in Dagenham, Englan from 19until 1964.

Find great deals on for Fordson Super Major in Business and Industrial. Fordson Super Major – Année d’immatriculation: 19- Type de tracteur: Tracteur agricole, Cylindres: pièces, Rendement. Oil Pump (With Relief Valve) From 19to 1964. Filter Service Kit Fordson Dexta, Major Super Major (Later Models) Fordson 2Engines Comprisi.

Fordson Super Major, Ford 50Diesel, and New Performance Super Major (1960-1964) The Super Major was a Power Major with added features. Home FORDSON SUPER MAJOR 1919FORDSON SUPER MAJOR. Bague d´accouplement pompe injection MAJOR, Renault N7 D30.

Réf : 1010FORD-FORDSONRENAULT Bague d´accouplement pour pompe à injection . Fordson was a brand name of tractors and trucks.

It was used on a range of mass-produced general-purpose tractors manufactured by Henry Ford Son Inc from 19to 192 by Ford Motor Company (U.S.) and Ford Motor Company Ltd (U.K.) from 19to 192 and by Ford Motor Company Ltd (U.K.) from 19to 1964. NOTICE DESCRIPTIVE DU TRACTEUR FORDSON SUPER MAJOR EIADDMA Type Agricole. I need to get info on hydrolic pump location and install procedure.

I have a backhoe on mine and want to put the point back on.